These terms and conditions apply to the downloading and using of the free wallpapers and avatars posted on Please see the included readme file for terms and conditions of any poser freebies obtained from the site.

Only images posted on the pages marked free wallpaper or avatars may be downloaded and used as such. Other images, including those in the sidebar, other pages and those in the gallery are for viewing only. Any download and/or use of these other images is prohibited.

Wallpapers (or Avatars)

1. Usage limitations- The user is granted a non-exclusive license to use the image downloaded free of charge on a single computer. User may not modify image, nor use it for commercial purposes. Modification includes stripping out the signature line, cropping to turn the art into tubes or anything else that alters the original state of the images offered on this site. Commercial use of the free images given here is expressly prohibited.

1-A. The art given here is not clip-art and is not to be used as such.

1-B. Private use of the image beyond use as avatars or desktop wallpaper is also prohibited. A commercial use license must be obtained for any other use.
2. Obtaining commercially usable versions of images- If you feel than an image or part of an image is one that you would like to use commercially you must contact us at dreamsindigitalart at gmail dot com to discuss details and obtain authorization for use. Any commercial use that is found to have ignored this requirement for authorization is subject to legal action.

2-A. Commercial Authorization WILL NOT be given for uses in Print-On-Demand services such as Cafepress, Zazzle, Printfection, or other similar services as these would be in direct competition with my own stores. If you desire a print or some other product with my images on it please visit the store links listed in the sidebar.

3. Redistribution of Images is expressly prohibited- These images may not be reposted for download nor included in any collections of art.

4. Use of bandwidth- Hotlinking to images on is theft of bandwidth. Please save the avatar or wallpaper to a separate computer and upload to your own storage site. Failure to do so could result in an ad for my site as your avatar or wallpaper as I have no shame in changing the image being hotlinked to in order to prevent such abuse.

5. Acceptance of Terms and Conditions- By downloading or using any of the free images offered you automatically accept to be bound by these terms and conditions. If for any reason you are not satisfied by these conditions then you are obligated to remove the images and any backups that you have made from computers or servers where you stored them.

6. Terms and conditions Subject to change without notice- It is the user’s responsibility to read and check for updates in these terms and conditions.

Final Note: Despite the prevailing attitudes, not all images on the internet are game for downloading and unauthorized uses. Please respect the talent and wishes of artists and refrain from pirating images. Piracy hurts not only the artist who is struggling to make a living with their art, but it also hurts the larger community of internet users as artists are forced to remove images from sites and galleries to prevent such piracy.