How do I…?

Some of the ins and outs of 3d art can be confusing, and tutorials help to clarify how to do the things that you want to do. Here is where you’ll find the tutorials that I have written.

Merchant Tutorial – Setting and Saving Materials for DAZ|Studio

This tutorial is written with the established merchant in mind, one who is comfortable with setting materials in Poser but may not be comfortable with DAZ|Studio. It explains briefly about the surface tab, and details how to save DAZ|Studio presets.

DAZ|Studio Tutorial – Customizing DAZ|Studio

This tutorial covers customization options that are useful from the novice to the more experienced user of DAZ|Studio. Starting from simple options such as making tabs easily accessible through more advanced options such as altering the layout of the menu or toolbar, this tutorial will help you to customize DAZ|Studio so that all of your most commonly used tools are at hand.

Happy Learning!